Exhibitors report plenty of opportunities to network and engage with new intermediaries at our Expos. They are keen to give their feedback and a selection of testimonials is below from recent Expos:

Charlie Palmer, IFAC

The key benefit to MBE is that you see more mortgage brokers here than you would do at any other exhibition in the UK’


Martin Reynolds, SimplyBiz

‘Brings lots of lenders and providers together and gives opportunities for the adviser to come to talk to a lot of people who they normally wouldn’t see.  The plenary sessions give lots of food for thought…’

Alex Upton, Hampshire Trust Bank

‘This is the first time HTB has been at MBE and we have been absolutely overwhelmed with the number of people that attend the event as well as the quality of the brokers…’ 


Alicia Pattihis, Philip Ross Solicitors

‘Business Development takes a lot of time so to be able to do it all under the one roof and see all the important players in the industry and be able to network is fantastic’

Neil Bates, Mortgage Hunters Financial Services

‘…great opportunity to speak to niche lenders and make some new contacts’

Hattie Tales, Pure Retirement

‘For us it is very much for us connecting with advisers that are new to the equity release market space, helping them grow their businesses and really get themselves established.’

Danny Robinson, Grey Matters

‘It’s exposure to lenders, exposure to brokers, it provides a really unique touchy, feely environment.’

Stuart Wilson, More2Life

‘We are always looking to reach out to new advisors, advisors that are looking to get into this space but are not sure how equity release works or what the process is. Meeting those people making new network connections is absolutely critical.’

Martin Roberts, TV Presenter

‘Mortgage Business Expo brings together some really interesting mortgage opportunities away from the mainstream and I think those secondary mortgage opportunities are becoming more and more important because they open up opportunities to people who might otherwise not have the ability to get hold of finance.’

Paul McFadyen, Glenhawk Financial Services Ltd

‘Personally it is one of the best things I’ve ever been to.  I’ve found everybody exceptionally engaging.  The client base that we are looking for are here’.

Ben Hutchings, Bath Building Society

‘Mortgage Business Expo is a great event for lenders to interact with and meet new broker contacts. It gives the broker an opportunity to visit each lender to learn about new products and niches’.

Alice Watson, Canada Life

‘…it’s given us a real opportunity to talk to advisers face to face’.

Clare Jarvis, Peppermoney

‘It’s been a really excellent event today.  We’ve got a brilliant spot.  We’ve got all the brokers coming to see us on our stand, as well as all the other lenders to find out what they are up to as well’.

Adam Sheldon, Leek United Building Society

‘We attended the Leeds Expo and off the back of that we received a lot of broker interest and managed to place cases that we’ve struggled with before. So we thought that we would actually invest and come to the London Expo.’

Dennis Lipton, Visitor

‘I come to the show every year to see what lenders and what other bits and pieces are going on that are new to the industry. It’s a good day as far as I am concerned’.

Cathy McTavey, Stadden Forbes

…lots of people that will actually do mortgages that you thought were impossible’.

Ben Hutchings, Bath Building Society

We attended MBE in Leeds in April last year, an Expo which works great for us, one brokerage we met there has come into our top 10 of mortgage brokers who has sent us the most applications.’

Louisa Sedgwick, Vida Homeloans

‘It is an exciting busy show.  Lots and lots of intermediaries talking about how they can support customers more, particularly within the first time buyer market and there’s great solutions available to them.’

Robert Barnard, peppermoney

‘I think MBE is a fantastic hub for everything that is going on in the industry at the moment’

‘If you are an intermediary in the space at the moment, there is so much changing, events like this give brokers all the information they need.’

Mercedez Binning, Alpha Bridging

“The show in Leeds was great. Met loads of new brokers from the Leeds area. It was really buzzing all day and we think it’s going to be very successful for our business.”

Adam Carnall, Age Partnership

“It’s been a great event to meet advisers and brokers and to make some fantastic new business connections.”

Harpal Singh, Broker Conveyancing

“We had a great day at MBE. Really pleased with the turnout. As always very good to engage with mortgage brokers to find out what their priorities and needs are. We had lots of interest and really pleased with how many brokers want to start using us.”

Rob Metcalf, Assurant Intermediary

“Overall we found Leeds MBE to be a warm, friendly and inviting environment. It’s been productive for us during the day. We met new and existing brokers for general insurance. Definitely worth attending and we would attend again.”

Nigel Bowers, Key Commercial Finance

“This is the first time we’ve done a show like this and it’s been really beneficial for us. Met lots of new customers and potential business contacts so we would do this again.”

James Boyles, Sort Refer

“Good day as always with over a hundred registrants on the stand. A very successful day.”

Andrew Richardson, IFA Conveyancing

“Fantastic event with a high number of brokers in attendance.”

Lee White, Dudley Building Society

This is the first time we’ve attended the event and really impressed with the quality of the leads we’ve received as well as footfall.

Sonny Gosai, Clever Lending

”The MBE this year has been an amazing success for Clever Lending and the industry as a whole. We never imagined there’d be so many people attending today and it’s been fruitful and very worthwhile for our business.”

Libbi Martin, Shepherds Friendly

“It was an extremely productive Expo and we met plenty of advisers who were keen to find out more about Shepherds Friendly and the plans we offer, especially the pending launch of our updated Income Protection plan.”

Rob Barnard, Aldermore Bank

“Events like the Mortgage Business Expo are a great opportunity for Aldermore to meet and talk to brokers, and the feedback and relationships we build are invaluable to our business success.”

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